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How Ear Pinning Surgery Works and Who Should Undergo It

Ear Pinning Surgery Candidates - Victoria, TX

Posted on: March 11, 2016

A father and his sonDr. Brian F. Burns has helped many patients throughout Victoria look their absolute best, offering the latest in facial cosmetic surgery procedures. When it comes to wrinkle reduction and anti-aging treatments, we are here for you and your needs.

There's more to facial plastic surgery than helping people look younger, however. Let's take a moment to consider cosmetic ear surgery and who might benefit from the aesthetic revision of the ears.

About Ear Pinning Surgery

Also known as otoplasty, ear pinning refers to a broad range of cosmetic surgeries that are designed to improve the overall appearance of the ears. By undergoing ear pinning, a person's overall appearance can be significantly improved.

Related cosmetic ear surgeries may be performed for reconstructive reasons (i.e., to address ear injury and to repair damaged or stretched earlobes).

General Candidates for Ear Pinning

Good candidates for ear pinning are people who have issues with the size, shape, and general orientation or appearance of their ears. They should be in good overall health and not suffer from any kinds of conditions that would make a surgical procedure on the ears pose a health risk of any kind.

Cosmetic ear surgery can be performed on patients of all ages, not just adults, so this is an important consideration to keep in mind, especially given how self-conscious large ears can leave someone feeling at an early age (more on that in a bit).

Excellent for People with Large Ears

When a person has ears that are very large, cosmetic ear surgery can make a major difference to their appearance. Various techniques can be used to help reduce the size of the ears, reshaping and removing the cartilage to alter the size of the ears yet do so to achieve natural results.

A Good Option for Ears That Protrude

Sometimes the issue with the ears has less to do with their size and more with the way they stick out. People who have ears that protrude in a major way may face issues just as significant as people who have ears that are very large or prominent. Ear pinning helps keep a person's ears from sticking out too much, which can make a major difference in terms of overall facial aesthetics.

Helpful for Young Children Teased About Their Ears

We mentioned above that cosmetic ear surgery can be performed on patients of all ages. This includes relatively young children. During grade school and middle school, children can be quite cruel about other people's differences, and large ears or protruding ears can be the source of teasing and self-consciousness. Sometimes cosmetic ear surgery is a good option to help prevent teasing and boost your child's self-image.

Is Ear Pinning Surgery Right for Me?

Ear pinning is a great option for many people, but it may not always be right for you. There are numerous considerations with regard to health and facial aesthetics to keep in mind, and different surgical techniques to consider as well. That's why it's so important to visit the practice for a consultation. During your visit, we will be able to go over all of your treatment options, including all of the risks and benefits that are involved.

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