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Refresh a Tired Appearance with a Forehead Lift

Woman touching her forehead with both handsIf your facial expression looks tired all the time, even when you know you are well rested, perhaps you have thought about cosmetic surgery. A forehead lift in Victoria, TX, might be just what you need to make your face not only look fresh but like you got a full night’s rest—even when you didn’t. A forehead lift can rejuvenate your entire expression on the outside, and just looking in the mirror will make you feel younger on the inside. Think about what a positive impact that can have on your entire well-being. Find out for yourself how a forehead lift with Dr. Brian F. Burns can improve your appearance and confidence by contacting us today.

What Does a Forehead Lift Do?

The effects of gravity eventually take its toll on your skin, including the soft tissues of the forehead. The result of gravity’s effects is a sagging brow, which can make you look like you are constantly tired or angry.

A forehead lift, or brow lift, reverses those effects of gravity by tightening the skin and underlying structures of the forehead. The result is a more youthful contour on the forehead, as well the upper eyelids and eyebrows. For a more dramatic effect, you can ask Dr. Burns whether you can combine a forehead lift with an eyelid surgery. There are a variety of forehead lift methods, some of which use an endoscope. This allows Dr. Burns to make modifications using a series of very small incisions. 

The brow in a young person is usually positioned right above the orbital rim of the eye and the tail of the eyebrow arch is higher than the medial end. As the aging process occurs, the brow often becomes flatter, assuming a more horizontal position. This sagging brow can actually inhibit a person’s facial expressions. A forehead lift addresses the upper third of the face, giving it a much more youthful, expressive look.

When Should a Forehead Lift Be Considered?

Although the aging process itself is gradual, chances are you have looked in the mirror and realized that you have deep horizontal creases across your forehead that seem to have happened overnight. Maybe your sagging, low eyebrow position is making you look sad or angry all of the time. If you have frown lines between the eyebrows or above the top of your nose, those can also make you look grumpy. Excess skin or fatty tissue can hang over your eyes, underscoring an already tired look. All of these issues might make a forehead lift your best option.

A forehead lift will reposition your low, sagging brow so it is not hanging over the upper eyelid. It will raise your eyebrows back to their youthful position, making you look more alert. Overall, your entire face will look happier and friendlier.

Determining Your Candidacy

If your overall health is good and you keep your expectations of forehead lift surgery positive and realistic, you are more than likely an excellent candidate for the procedure.

Find Out More During an Appointment

If you want to look fresh-faced and more youthful, a forehead lift can make you happy to see your expression in the mirror. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discuss your candidacy for a forehead lift with Dr. Burns.

What I liked about Dr. Burns is, he was in no hurry when I talked to him. He listened to my concerns and answered all my questions before my procedure. Bobby
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